About Elmwood Winery

Elmwood WineryPhilosophy: We are growing hybrid grape varieties in a sustainable manner with an emphasis on soil health and canopy management to help fight diseases (powdery mildew etc.) and enhance grape ripening. The only “chemicals” used are lime sulphur and potassium bicarbonate for powdery mildew. With improved soil health we are expecting to eliminate the use of artificial fertilizers such as potassium and phosphate. Weeds are “controlled” mechanically without use of herbicides.

Varieties grown: Our red varieties are Leon Millot, Baco Noir and Chambourcin. Our white varieties are L’Acadie blanc, Geisenheim and a small amount of New York Muscat for blending purposes.

The future: We plan to be open again this summer, for a limited time on weekends, and by appointment only. Times yet to be decided.  Watch this space!



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