Welcome to Elmwood Winery

We are a small 2.4 acre (one hectare) vineyard tucked away in Pine Grove, Lunenburg County. Grapes have been grown on this site since 2003. Bruce Wright and Sandra MacDougall passed the torch to us in February 2017 and we plan to continue their legacy.

For details of our location and our wines please see the What’s Happening page.


Elmwood Winery

Baco noir in the first year

Varieties grown: Our red varieties are Leon Millot and Baco Noir with new plantings of Chambourcin. Our white varieties are L’Acadie blanc and Geisenheim with a small amount of New York Muscat for blending purposes.

A Brief History:

2014/2015: These were planting years as new ground was prepared in the upper meadow to bring the acreage up to the required two acres to qualify for a Small Farm Winery. This was completed by August and certification was recieved.

2016:  We sold out of wine this year. A big thanks to all our customers.

Renovations to the small retail space were completed.


Please contact us by email at: elmwoodwine@gmail.com if you would like any other information, or by phone at: 902-543-2090


Heather and John

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